Heres some answers to commonly asked questions but you can contact us on the contact page should you have any other queries

Which products do you use? 

We only use the best quality products at Cherubs Chalks Interiors. Over the years we have tried and tested a number of products, and continue to use the primers/ paints / topcoats that we found to be the most durable, low- maintenance, safe and, of course, with the best choice of colours! 

How do you prepare the furniture before painting?

When we get a piece in, we start by giving it a good look over. Most items we work on are vintage or pre loved items, or sometimes they haven’t been treated with much love at all! 

No matter the state of the furniture, we believe it can be saved and reloved, hopefully for many years to come. To ensure it has the longest life possible, we make any repairs that are necessary, give it a good deep clean, and then remove any waxes / grease that will resist the new finish. Once we are sure that all of the built up dirt and products have been removed, we are able to start sanding, creating that key for the paint to adhere to. Depending on the substrate, the chosen colour and the finish we intend to attain, sometimes we have to prime. This is necessary when we believe there may be a bleed or stain that will be pulled through the paint, especially when painting with lighter colours. Once all of these processes have been complete, we can finally start painting in the chosen colour(s), using particular techniques adapted to the piece in question, and finally finishing with a top coat, if necessary. 

As you can see, this is a long process but it is essential that we can create you a piece that will serve you well into the future. We work hard to ensure that the furniture in your home can be enjoyed day after day, and withstand the test of time.

Do you ship?

If you are local, you are welcome to collect your piece from our workshop. We also offer delivery in the local area, or if you’re further away, we can arrange courier service nationwide.

For smalls such as signs, bottle lights, cushions and giftware, postage starts at £2.95. Furniture delivery ranges depending on the size and your location but starts from £50.